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Do you need to start a cult? Craving the secrets for getting anyone to follow you off a cliff or drink some cyanide-laced coolaid? You’re going to need some attention. And what better way to get this most precious of all internet resources than creating engaging content?

I cannot think of a better way to get the attention you crave than using engaging, interactive posts on social media.

It doesn’t matter if you are hawking product recommendations as if life and limb depended upon a sale. Create fun content that gets you noticed and readers love.

Interactions put the “social” in social media. It makes sense that posts with more engagement get more attention. It makes perfect sense that creating interactive content is the best way to skyrocket your social media efforts.

As the most social animals, we love to interact with each other. We are desperate for connection, validation, and acclaim. It could be some fresh gossip about who your wife cheated on you with at the church Bakesale or just some boring water-cooler nonsense about sports we like to be social.

One of the preeminent reasons for the astronomical rise of social media is this fundamental desire of all humans — connection. Engaging content will provide your readers with a fix of connectivity they desperately long to know.

It’s like injecting your audience with social heroine. Can you feel the warmth of togetherness wash your troubles away as you loosen the belt from around your bicep?

I have a better idea. Instead of turning to intravenous drugs or bingeing TikTok videos until your eyes bleed, make engaging content instead. It will be less depressing, and you won’t leave in fear for the future of humanity.

Enough! Let’s dive into how you can make engaging content.

Social media platforms are changing. But one element of the experience that is sure to stick around for a while — is engagement! How social would it be if no one could like, comment, or share posts? Interaction makes social media social. It’s here to stay.

Here’s how you can make more engaging content that pulls people into your business and makes your money.

Leveraging social media for Your Brand Or Business

Social media marketing is the process of using different social channels to sell your shit across the internet.

A good content marketing strategy should include social media. Social media is a more authentic way of communicating with your audience. Brands can leverage this to boost customer loyalty and drive revenue and sales.

Leveraging social media is one method of engaging customers and building an unhealthily obsessed fan base. Tactics such as creating excitement and creating fun content that your audience can engage with are all viable strategies for getting a social following.

Do not think you can post any old boring nonsense. That’s what families do. If You believe for one fucking second that you can post the same quality of posts as someone’s overly political uncle and be successful, you will fail.

Someone loves the man ranting into the keyboard about the treachery of illegal immigrants. No one gives a shit about who you are or what you do.

But there is hope. You can make people turn away from their racist uncles and start engaging with your content. Only when you use the right kind of content.

Next, I will cover some of the most engaging post types. The kind of content that people break their phones to like, comment and share. Can you hear it now? That’s the sound of engagement!

What Exactly is Interaction and Engagement?

Some would have you believe that all posts on social media are interactive by nature. Sure, if your definition of interactive means collecting vanity metrics to boost your ego.

But we know better! You design interaction on social media to get users to take a specific action that drives your business goals. Forget about stroking egos and getting high on dopamine triggered from each flashing red notification. Interaction means getting results. And that’s final.

The post format and type may vary, but all engaging posts elicit an action. Your content could be a bit of content marketing designed to get email signups or a content idea made for boosting likes and shares.

Engagement for engagement is vanity. Getting users to take targeted action that advances a business goal is the entire point of creating engaging content.

You can come up with content ideas that get people to act. Any good content strategy will focus on the end business objective that a piece of content is designed to promote. Let’s find out some of the most engaging content types that will drive business revenue.

Why Care at all about Social Media Engagement?

When you create interactive posts, you have a higher chance of connecting with your audience. Creating interactive content lets you measure your audience’s response and what you can ignore for future content ideas.

Narrowing down the topics that resonate with your audience by testing and analyzing the response can provide valuable information. Create fun content and get a better understanding of how your audience will respond.

Your engagement rates will tell if the content you are creating has a positive impact on your overall business objectives.

Questions Polls and Quizzes Find out what People Think

Get valuable insights into the preferences of your audience while boosting engagement rates. People love to share their opinions, take advantage of this tendency, and see what people think. Marketing experts agree that understanding your audience is essential for success. Why not make it fun?

Memes…Do Some Memes

Have you noticed? I don’t know how you missed it. There are tons of brands and businesses posting memes. Everyone likes memes. You don’t skip past use memes to impact your engagement rates.

Share memes from your most recent blog post. Share memes about trending topics and trending hashtags.

Share memes over here, share memes over there, share memes in your underwear. Well, don’t. But you get the point! Or do it–it works for some people, hey do you!

While memes have their place on social media, don’t center your entire social media presence around posting them. It’s so tempting. The engagement is strong with memes, don’t become a victim to their seductive allure.

Don’t take this personally it’s just funny!

Watch the Trends You Must!

See!! Even Yoda knows to use trends in his social media marketing. Trending topics are helpful for finding topic ideas when you cannot seem to muster any at all.

Here are some tools and websites that can help you discover what all the kids are talking about.

A few include:

Built trust with your audience and have some fun with trends. Using trends can help you stand out and get better engagement rates on all social channels.

Ask Some Damn Questions

“The more questions you ask the more answers you get”


I was a curious child. I would ask questions about everything. It was impossible to get me to shut up. This was the quote I would hurl back at anyone who asked me why I asked so many questions. Thanks, Ms. Frizzle! Bet you didn’t expect a Magic School Bus reference.

As annoying as my seven-year-old self was to be around, I was on to something. Asking your audience questions can help you make better content and share it far and wide.

Make sure to keep your questions simple, you’re not asking for a dissertation here, just thought-provoking or engaging queries to keep your readers hooked.

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